Where Daiisy began

Daiisy was born of the idea that all women should have access to high quality, handmade, luxurious products that work to support their pregnancy, birthing, postnatal and breastfeeding journeys.

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hi, i’m dayna

a registered midwife, birth doula, hypnobirthing coach, mother of five, host of The Oxytocin Hour podcast and the creator of Daiisy.

I’ve been immersed in the birth world since I was young; having been exposed to birth stories, breastfeeding and taking care of newborns from the very beginning with my sisters, aunties and cousins. I became a mother at a young age and raised my beautiful son Max whilst studying to become a beauty therapist.

It was after my transformative water birth with my second child Avalon that I decided midwifery was my calling. I achieved my Bachelor degree – even having my third baby, Aluna, during that time – and landed my dream job as a registered midwife at a large hospital in Queensland.

Here is where the magic happened…

“The women, their babies and their families changed my life”

I dove deep into my work and shared my knowledge and support with all those I cared for. Being a midwife is truly a privilege and one I will never take for granted. I noticed that what pregnant and postpartum mothers needed was honest, pure and quality products to support their journeys and I had a huge bank of knowledge over my years to create and provide these for women.

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In 2020, when I was on maternity leave after birthing my fourth child, Lennox, I decided to bring Daiisy into the world. Choosing a business name wasn’t that hard! My husband has called me “Dayzie” since the day he met me and daisies symbolise childbirth, motherhood and new beginnings. I have used and created all of the products we sell during my own pregnancy, birthing, postpartum and breastfeeding journeys. I have done my best to ensure that the majority of our materials and ingredients are sourced ethically and sustainably in Australia. They are Australian, hand made and have so much love poured into them.

I became a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner after studying midwifery and have used the techniques with birthing my own five babies. As a registered midwife and mama myself, I wanted to become a birth doula to provide emotional and spiritual support to women in their pregnancy journeys.

I’m so proud that Daiisy now offers a holistic range of support and care that women need through their pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding journey.

My hope for you is that you are held, supported and triumphant.

D xx


Hypnobirthing prepares your body and mind leading up to birth so you can approach the experience with all the techniques, tools and support you need to feel empowered and calm.

When the time comes to give birth, you will feel calm and relaxed resulting in the release of a range of positive hormones, like oxytocin, that will help lessen any discomfort.


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