The Oxytocin Hour

A podcast filled with positive stories of pregnancy, labour, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum and more.

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“What is The Oxytocin Hour?”

Looking for a podcast entirely dedicated to sharing encouraging, oxytocin inducing experiences from mums, dads, birthworkers, doctors, doulas and midwives?

Join Daiisy creator and podcast host Dayna as she shares juicy, positive, oxytocin inducing stories of pregnancy, birth and everything in between. The Oxytocin Hour will become your bubble of happiness for an hour every week as you hear different people’s experiences.

The Oxytocin Hour was born from the exhaustion of hearing the horror birth stories and wanting to share some of the positive ones. This podcast does not pretend only positive experiences happen. We share some triggering, devastating and uplifting events but you can be assured that each story has a positive to come out of it.

You can find The Oxytocin Hour wherever you listen to your podcasts. Please listen, share with your friends and leave a review if you enjoy it!


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Sharing the Love

“Hilarious, real, raw and so easy to listen to. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– EM

“With a voice as smooth as butter combined with Dayna’s eloquence and way with words, I’m sure this podcast is going to be very popular. What an awesome resource for those interested in birth and parenting! It was so refreshing to hear.”


“As a birth worker myself, I loved and appreciated the insight. Can’t wait to make it a weekly listen.”


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Featured Episodes

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In The Pilot, Dayna gives you the run down of who she is, where the idea for The Oxytocin Hour was born from, (pun absolutely intended), and, what you can expect for the rest of this season. This short but sweet episode will have you feeling satisfied with what’s to come and excited to hear more!

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episode 1

The Husband’s Reflection of a Last Minute Freebirth

Dayna’s husband joins her to reminisce about the birth of their second child together, Lennox. They briefly recap their position as full time working parents of 3 children and the surprise and challenging pregnancy of baby number 4.

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