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These beautifully designed decks of affirmation cards are filled with hand-picked, cream of the crop affirmations for use in pregnancy, birth and parenting. With the natural hues featured throughout Daiisy, the aesthetic comes through on each individually designed, matte, high-quality card. Each affirmation was chosen for the power and strength witnessed in its use by hundreds of birthers and parents before. There are 31 cards in the deck, one for each day of a month. Each card has a different design with an affirmation or quote on one side and the reverse is white with the Daiisy logo. When you purchase, you can expect to receive your stunning affirmation card deck in a white, drawstring cotton, hand-stamped bag to keep them safely together.

Key notes:

Each card has unique design

12.5cm x 8cm size

31 cards total

Comes with bag

Directions: Draw a card each day to set as your mantra. Select as many as you like to adorn your birthing or living spaces. Use in conjunction with the affirmation card holder and alternate the front card to have it displayed in full view. Do whatever you like! They’re all yours to love and cherish and perhaps hand down to another loved one to use (if you’re willing to part with them).

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