Luxe Japanese Honeysuckle Candle


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Our luxurious candle range exists to fill your space with soft and subtle scents. They will create an ambience for you to set positive intentions, pray, meditate, journal or simply have a quiet moment.

They are made with natural soy wax, fragrance oils and are phthalate-free. Making them vegan and gentle for the environment you’re living in.

The vessel is a matte white travel tin with a lid. The beautiful creamy white soy wax is adorned with rose quartz, rosebuds and petals to emanate pure love and support. Each candle gives satisfying crackling wood sounds when you burn the quality wood wick. They are lovingly handmade in Australia in small batches using only premium ingredients.

Our Luxe Japanese Honeysuckle candles have head notes of fresh mandarin and pine needle, heart notes of sweet, honeyed grape and neroli and a rich base of vanilla, malt, jasmine and cedarwood. It is perfect for light-hearted, playful days to evoke a sense of positivity and energy.

Although each candle has been developed with a specific use in mind, whatever scent or use you feel called to it for is completely up to you.

Key notes:

225gm tin

200gm soy wax and fragrance oils

rose quartz decoratively on top

rosebuds and petals decoratively on top

30+ hours of burn time

phthalate free

wood wick

natural soy wax

handmade in Australia

premium ingredients


Directions: Trim your wood wick and ensure the first burn lasts enough to melt the soy wax right to the edge of the vessel. Trim the black part of the cooled wick before each use, (you can snap it off using your fingers if you don’t have a wick trimmer). DO not burn for longer than 3 hours at a time. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Burn on a flat, clear surface. Once burnt to 1cm from the bottom, clean out if desired and repurpose.


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